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Partnership Benefits & Expectations:

  1. As a means of demonstrating appreciation to our partner organizations Mama Thrive Team will promote their brand by displaying their logo on our website, occasional events/email newsletters/media, and our own Mama Thrive Podcast.
  2. As a means of demonstrating good will:
    1. Partner organization agrees to recommend Mama Thrive Program to pregnant moms seeking support and resources during their pregnancy.
    2. Partner organization agrees to promote Mama Thrive Program to their network of pregnant women through their website, social media, and other communication channels.
    3. Partner organization agrees to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the Mama Thrive Program and share success stories of moms who have benefited from the program.
    4. Partner organizations agrees to not receive fees or commissions for promoting Mama Thrive Program.
  3. This partnership is “at will” and can be dissolved at “at will” by either party.
Unfortunately, your child/baby is over 3 months old and doesn't meet the eligibility criteria for this program. However, we recommend exploring other programs that may be better suited for their current age.