Healthcare Professionals

You have a significant role to play in ending avoidable maternal mortality as a healthcare provider.

Women’s concerns before, during, and after pregnancies should be heard carefully, and any troubles should be handled fully, according to one aspect of the solution.

If pregnant or recently delivered women express any worries, pay attention to them. Help your patients comprehend the critical maternal warning signs and the need of seeking immediate medical assistance. Improvements in safety and quality can result from patient involvement in their treatment. Make an effort to make them feel heard and appreciated when they are visiting you. Listed below are some factors that might cause a difference:

  • Ask questions to learn more about your patient and any factors in their lives that could be impacting them.
  • Help your patients and any visitors understand the critical maternal warning signals and when to seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Assist patients in managing long-term diseases or those that could develop during pregnancy, including as depression, diabetes, or hypertension.
  • Recognize your own and your workplace's unconscious biases.
  • Care for each patient with respect.
  • Attend to any issues that your patients may have.

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